Speech technologies: the next generation


— Mobitel company. What can I do for you?
— I'd like to add a favorite number.
— What number would you like to add?
— 8 980 123 45 67.
— You have added the favourite number — 8 980 123 45 67. Subscription fee is 50 cents per month.

— Pronounce the service name.
— Favorite number
— You have selected service ”Favorite number”. Right?
— Yes.
— What is you next action? Get information, turn the service on, turn the service off.
— Turn the service on.
— You have selected ”turn the service on”.
— Dictate the number by digits groups. The first group.
— 980
— 980. Right?
— Yes.
— The second group.

  1. A person speaks to spoken dialog systems (SDS) using free speech. In VoiceXML-based systems the person does not speak but pronounces a simple key phrase from the predefined set of phrases. In even simpler IVR-systems the user has to move the phone in front of him and press buttons.
  2. In Primetalk's dialog systems the user is given modest feedback — the system respon d with what it has understood. If the user see that the system is mistaken he simply say it and correct the mistake. The correction can be done at any convenient time. On the contrary, in VoiceXML-based systems it is neccessary to ask explicit confirmation of every bit of information thus moving forward with tiny step.
  3. Any additional info provided by user is remembered by the system and won't be requested again. On the contrary, in VoiceXML-based systems additional info is considered excessive and reduces recognition performance. More over, if the same information is needed on the next step the system requests it without any pangs of conscience.


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